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How to Place Online Orders on the HSE Printing House Website

The HSE Printing House website interface is intuitive, and we don’t get much questions about how to order printing online, but we thought that a manual would be useful for those who are using the ‘web to print’ technology for the first time.

Here is a step-by-step manual for online orders at the HSE Printing House.

1. On the main Printing House webpage (currently it is only possible to place the order through the Russian site, the English version is under development), choose the type of product you want to order in the body or in the left menu.

2. A window of this type of product will open. In this window, fill in the fields with your order’s parameters:

  • Format (if it’s nonstandard, add the height and the width of the product);
  • Number of copies (it can be any, but please note that the higher the number of copies, the cheaper is one item of the product);
  • Type of paper for printing. The abbreviation of the paper type includes its type (offset, coated etc), and sheet density in g/sq.m.;
  • Number of colour inks is usually indicated as two numbers for front and back sides of the sheets; 1 – black & white, or 4 – coloured printing (for example, 1+1 or 4+0);
  • Number of pages (for multi-page publications, sets of photos etc).

If needed, indicate the types of finishing for your product: lamination, metal foil embossing, tucking of corners, folding, scoring etc. Indicate the parameters of these operations (format of embossing, number of folds, type of foil etc) according to the system’s requests.

For multi-page printing or other types of complex products, complete the information for each element of the product: cover, black & white and coloured blocks, insole, file etc).

3. Press ‘Calculate’ and look at the short description of your product, its cost and price per unit (see figure);

If something is incorrect, you can change the parameters of the order, or the number of copies, and recalculate the cost.

4. On the basis of this calculation, you can send your order for production at our printing house right in the same window. To do this, you need to sign in or register (by clicking on the appropriate links), if this is your first order.

HSE students are recommended to use their corporate email at hse.ru as their registration email. In this case, they will get a 10% discount for each order.

5. You can send the ready-to-print file, which is in line with our technical specifications, to the printing house by pressing the ‘Download layout’ button or dragging the file in the appropriate page area.

If the layout is not yet ready or you are planning to use a printed document as a layout, tick ‘I’ll provide the layout later’. If it has to be improved, the printing house staff can do it upon agreement. Improvements may cost a fee.

6. Complete the fields with your name, surname, phone, and email. By default, these fields are completed with the information you entered when registered. Correct them if needed. Your personal data will never be transferred to anyone or use in any other way rather than contacting you on your orders or auto-completing your payment details.

7. Use the pop-up calendar to choose the date when you want to receive the printed product.

The standard time for printing at the HSE Printing House is 1 or 2 working days. But if the orders are big, complicated, or require purchasing additional supplies, this time can be expanded up to two weeks. All such cases are discussed with the managers in advance. We advise to indicate the date when you really need to recieve the product, and the Printing House will inform you if it completes it earlier.

8. In the ‘Comments’ field, add any other information about your order that hasn’t been added previously, such as the product’s specifics, the colour of covers and papers, parameters of additional finishing, the way to submit the layout, the time limits, additional contact information etc.

9. Choose the HSE Printing House office, where you would like to receive your order. The list will include all offices that have the capacity to produce your order. Please keep in mind that the main printing house at 3 Kochnovsky Proezd has the most advanced and productive facilities, so if the order is big or complicated, we recommend choosing this venue. We can also help with delivering your printed order to other HSE buildings in Moscow.

10. Press ‘Create the order’ and it will be registered in the printing house and saved in your profile. By pressing this button, you agree with the HSE Printing House Offer. Follow the link to see it.

11. In the opened window, check all the details of your order, and proceed to the next order, reviewing all your orders in the system, or payment for the order with the ‘Pay now’ button.

12. When you proceed to payment, a window will open offering payment options:

  • Online payment on the HSE website with a Sberbank card. If you choose this option, you’ll be transferred to the HSE payment gate, where all your order details will be completed.
  • Payment via Sberbank Online. If you choose this option, you’ll be readdressed to the Sberbank Online website, and there you’ll have to complete several fields.
  • Bank transfer with an invoice at any bank. In this case, you can save or print a standard paper invoice with all completed details and information on your order, as well as personal information at your choice.

You can use this invoice to pay at any bank personally or online, by entering the details from the invoice manually.

13. After registering your order online, you’ll get an email notification on the order with its details and the price. You’ll also be informed when your order is ready, via email or phone.

14. Then, all you have to do is to pick up your order at the office you’d chosen. If the order is simple (such as printing or copying documents, binding with coils and transparent files, case binding of a single brochure, lamination etc), the whole procedure of order registration and manufacturing can be made within minutes, while you are waiting at the printing house office. For example, while you are paying for the order online.

Welcome to the HSE Printing House! 


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