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Regular version of the site

Printing Office

The HSE Printing House is comprised of offices, which supply the University’s units and departments with various printed products. They also offer printing services to all HSE students and staff at discount prices. All you have to do is prepare a layout, choose the type of product below, calculate its price, and make the order online!

We produce, copy and replicate reprints, paperback and hardcover books, brochures, journals, newspapers and other HSE periodicals. We also print textbooks, academic and reference books for HSE students and staff. In addition, we prepare handouts for meetings, workshops and lectures held at HSE. We also offer commercial services to non-HSE personnel and companies. We are looking forward to working with you, and will be happy to meet your demands with our high-quality printed products produced just on time!

The interface for ordering services through the English version of the site is currently under development. Until it is ready, please use our Russian site to place your order.

Printed products



  • HSE business cards
  • Other business cards
  • Postcards
  • Pocket calendars
  • Stickers, labels
  • Coupons, tickets, etc.

Sheet products

  • Leaflets, advertisements
  • Headed paper
  • Risograph-printed headed paper and forms
  • Certificates, diplomas
  • Wall plates
  • Leaflet stickers

With additional finishing

  • Invitations
  • Leaflets, brochures
  • Printed envelopes
  • Cardboard files
  • Congratulatory addresses, identity papers


Large-format printing

  • Posters, announcements
  • Blueprints and drawings, up to A0
  • Coloured newspapers A3+
  • Small-format newspapers
  • Canvas printing
  • Signs and banners
  • Wall calendars

Multi-page prints

  • Hardcover books
  • Paperback books
  • Brochures in transparent files
  • Journals on metal binds
  • Notebooks on coils
  • Note cubes
  • Flip calendars
  • Quarterly calendars

Photo products

  • Photo sets
  • Paperback photo albums
  • Hardcover photo books
  • Premium photo books with 180-degree opening
  • Paper bags
  • Merchandise
  • Organizers and planners
  • Photo calendars


Printing services

  • Black & white printing and copying
  • Coloured printing and copying
  • Multiplication on a risograph
  • Large-format printing
  • Lamination
  • Embossment on customer’s materials

Special offers for HSE students and staff

  • Copying documents
  • Printing from files
  • Printing blueprints and posters
  • Lamination
  • Binding on metal and plastic coils, glue and hardcover binding
  • Business cards for HSE students and staff
  • HSE notebooks on plastic coils
  • Printing abstracts of theses
  • Graduation and term papers
  • Printing photos
  • Graduation photo albums

Key reasons to order from us

Our work high-quality!

In order to achieve the best results, our facilities are equipped with the latest HP, Canon and Konica Minolta machines. We only use original toner and ink, and are also ready to use the optimal technology based on your specific needs and budget.

It’s close!

The HSE Printing House is located nearby, at HSE’s buildings throughout Moscow. You don’t have to look for printing services anywhere else! You just simply need to place an order and pick up the materials in the same buildings where you study.

It’s fast!

The HSE Printing House is ready to help even if you need printing as soon as yesterday! This is essential for students who need to prepare urgent assignments, such as term papers and theses. We are always there and are ready to work online to speed up the process.

It’s affordable!

Our prices are well below the market. In addition, HSE students and staff are entitled to a special 10% discount!

Please provide your feedback about the HSE Printing House’s services